Working with Brands & Advertising

Interested in having us work with you promoting your Brand or want to find out about advertising space?  Please read on….

Clover Hill Book Reviews does actively work with Brands and Brand partners to promote products and sometimes services.  We work with all kinds of Brands, not just those within the publishing and book industry.

Our main ethos with regards to promoting or advertising is that it must be as transparent as possible.  By this we mean if we’ve been paid, sponsored or have received something to review, then we will state this within the review, normally at the end.  We may use additional media to enhance our reviews and posts, such as podcasts, videos, photos and embedded book trailers etc.  Any additional requirements will be discussed on an individual basis as needed.

Please note we only respond to requests that meet the simple ethos we hold.  We will not compromise on our ethos.

Agree to our ethos & want to get in touch?

Email: bookwormreviewedATgmail DOT com