Sunday, 31 October 2010

Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Title: Princess of Glass
Author: Jessica Day George
ISBN: 9781599904788
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Published: 2010
Author Website:

Rating 5/5

From the jacket on this I was prepared for a gooey romance, so glad it was on my reading list.  Romance is on the cards all the way through this, but not in a gooey way at all.  It's a very sweet and convincing read. Truly magical storyline, not your average Cinderella type story!  This one far exceeded my expectations of a fantasy fairytale title.  The prologue had me bemused from the outset and hooked from the first page in.  The author describes in technicolour detail the gorgeous dresses characters are wearing...beautiful!  It has what every fairytale needs, a well played evil character, solid characters around the plot and a few fun additions thrown in the mix for good measure.

Thoroughly enjoyable, and another author added to my permanent reading list...more books on my tbr pile ;)

From the synopsis:
"Having once been cursed to dance every night with her sisters, Princess Poppy has vowed never again to put on a pair of dancing slippers.  Which is why she's reluctant to participate in the royal exchange programme that her father and some of their neighbor kings have cooked up.  Life in far-off Breton isn't so bad not when there's money to be won playing cards and a handsome prince promising friendship...and maybe something more.  

But when hapless servant named Eleanora enters the picture and sets her sights on the prince too, which girl will win his heart?  And who is behind the magnificent gowns and slippers that the penniless Eleanora has been wearing to the balls?  Only Princesss Poppy can see through the magic that holds the rest of the kingdom in its spell.  And having fought against one curse before, shes just the girl to take on another!

Ball gowns, cinders, enchanted glass slippers - and with a little luck, maybe a happily-ever-after; too - all play a role in Jessica Day George's romantic action-packed story."

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