Saturday, 13 November 2010

The First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde

Title: The First Love Cookie Club
Author: Lori Wilde
ISBN: 0061988421Publisher: Avon Books
Published: October 2010
Author's Website: 

Rating: 4.5/5

The jacket on this is very eye catching, I love the hues of blue and the inviting look it has.  First off, I loved the real life touching story about how Lori Wilde was inspired to write this book, explained in the Acknowledgments...this gives you a brief taste of the deeply emotional twists which are within the pages. 

There are a couple of main story lines that run throughout, an 8 year olds fight against terminal illness and the way her community comes together to make what could be her last Christmas, extra special.  It encompasses rejection, first love and the naivety of young true love...and the boldness that comes with being young. Destiny, love, community, loneliness and friendships.  There's cookie making, and Christmas traditions to drool over, just right for this time of year.  It also touches what defines us, as this is a deeply emotional and emphatic book.

The characters are very strong in their traits, and fit the storyline really well.  Overall it's deliciously descriptive, especially when it comes to cookies (I love cookies!).  I suspect that this may be too descriptively passionate in places for younger teen readers, that part, for me was totally unexpected as I enjoyed the storyline without the focus of a hot, passionately descriptive love scene.

From the outset the book focuses on a social awkward teen who blossoms into a swan, however, the main thing that drew me to this book  is the touching (and deeply emotional) storyline involving a terminally ill child.  whilst the author gives a happy ending in this case, I have a child the same age so this really touched home with me.....this storyline alone had me in tears on more than one occasion, which isn't easy to do. Keep your tissues handy!!!

Synopsis from me:
Sarah made a big mistake crashing the wedding and declaring her true love to the groom.  Years later she returns as a successful author, to her now deceased Grandma's community, at the request of Jazzy, a terminal ill child.  What she is about to realize, is the past always has a way of catching up with doesn't take long to realize that Jazzy's drop dead gorgeous father is the same professed true love from her past.

Source: Publishers via Netgalley


Sam said...

I love a good Christmas story!

Anonymous said...

Great review! I finished reading this one a few weeks ago. I loved it, liked it, kinda loved it again. I had conflicting thoughts throughout it.