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Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes by Lisa Greenwald

Title: Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes
Author: Lisa Greenwald
Publisher: Amulet books
Published: Nov 2010
Price: £9.99 / $16.95
ISBN: 0810989905
Author's Website:

Rating: 3/5

The cover on this is bright, inviting, and sparkly, with imprinted glitter on both the back and front.  The book follows three teen girls who live in the same apartment block, and who are best friends.  From start to finish the book is very detailed about their crushes and how they react to those involved.  I found this tiresome in places, probably because I'm way past the age of having crushes ;) I like the way it gave different view points on the current happenings from each character, and the added fortune cookie for each chapter is a really nice touch.  I also enjoyed the way it all came together in the end.

The characters do develop slightly through the book.  The storyline centers around their friendship.  It also gives snapshots into the lives of the other residents as the book progresses.  It dissects everything with meticulous care, like only a teen would do, obsessing and shredding everything in order to understand it and explain it.  This part to me seemed very real.

My favorite quote from the book..."Chen's fortune cookies are magical...somehow they get in the right hands, the hands that need them the most.  And they always come true" I would have liked to have seen more expanding on this theme.  Chen's restaurant is owned by one of the teen's family.  When they all get snowed in, the restaurant acts as a hub, and the teens embark on a social enterprise to engage the residents in their apartment block.  I loved the storyline, some pieces I felt needed following up more the reporter's story, and we're left not knowing if she got her promotion.....were the fortune cookies really magical?  I like to think so :)

Synopsis from Amazon:
"Three friends spend an unforgettable snow day in their Brooklyn apartment building, making and distributing fortune cookies to their lonely neighbors -- and confronting the secrets that they've been keeping from each other. Confident Kate doesn't notice much but the latest gossip, and shy Georgia can't say out loud what's always on her mind. They make homemade fortune cookies along with bubbly Olivia, whose epic, single-minded crush on PBJ (real name: Phillip Becker-Jacobs) is starting to frustrate the other two. Using specially-targeted fortune cookies, they try to work together to bring some love to their building on Valentine's Day, while reminding each other why they're such good friends to begin with."

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