Friday, 10 December 2010

Book Blogger Hop #6 & Fun Follow Friday 3

Book Blogger Hop

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Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy for Books.

This week's question is:

"What is the thing you like most about reading book blogs?  Is it the reviews, author guest posts, articles, giveaways, or something else entirely?"

For me, it's any combination of the above.  If it's interesting and something I'm likely to want to read, I'll probably read it.  For reviews I do tend to skip over the in depth analysis that some bloggers do...especially if I know I want to read the book.  

After I've read it/once I've posted my review, that's when I tend to read other bloggers in depth reviews, so I get to read about the book I've just read and what others thought of it.  I only tend to do it the other way round if it's a book I haven't heard of, or if it's one I'm not sure I want to read.

We're also joining in Simply Stacie's Fun Follow Friday hop.  I hope you'll take a moment to look around, jump in and comment on some posts and followers are welcome to enter our giveaways.


Susan said...

Interesting that you skip the in depth analysis. I agree that sometimes if I've read too many reviews and detailed descriptions of a book, I feel like there's nothing left for me to discover reading the book myself. Even without actual spoilers. So I usually make up my mind whether or not to read a popular book pretty quickly and don't read all the reviews.

Mamakucingbooks said...

For me, i like to know what book others are reading and their opinion

Giveaways are not an attraction to me as most are not avaible internationally