Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyers

Title: Breaking Dawn
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Publisher: Atom
Published: 14 Oct 2010
ISBN: 1907410511

Rating 4/5

I was really excited when I won this through a competition courtesy of Atom.  It arrived at 3pm on Saturday....and I finished it the same day, I couldn't resist the cover and couldn't wait to read it.   I've already read the previous books, and seen the films.

I love the cover on this limited edition of Breaking Dawn.  A Pure white front cover, with blood red pages and back cover which gives it a very high visual impact and is stunningly refreshing.  So many vampire and paranormal covers are dark and brooding, this one is completely different.

So much is packed into this book, and just like it's previous installments it is a healthy size.  I don't want to ruin the plot for anyone who hasn't read this yet, so won't go into heavy detail spoilers.  Bella successfully deals with her lifestyle changes, and there are pleasant surprises in store, as well as huge twists which impact and cement previous relationships.  I love the way both Bela and Jacob get their own chapter in this, so there's a dual perspective.

The action in this isn't as intense as the first book, but still a page turner for me. Breaking Dawn still remains romantic in places and expands on Bella and Edward's relationship, whilst some previous barriers are broken down..

I'm really looking forward to this being on at the cinema, and really glad I've finally read the book!

Synopsis from Amazon:
"Twilight tempted the imagination ...New Moon made readers thirsty for more ...Eclipse turned the saga into a worldwide phenomenon ...And now - the book that everyone has been waiting for ...Breaking Dawn. In the much anticipated fourth book in Stephenie Meyer's love story, questions will be answered and the fate of Bella and Edward will be revealed."

Won on a competition run by Atom, thank you Atom!


Avery said...

Oh gosh... Originally when I read this book I thought that it was horrible. I thought it was honestly the worst thing I had ever read, but then I reread it. I then came to realize that I had been super dramatic previously and it wasn't as terrible as I had made it out to be. But I am super glad to see that you liked it!

Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

My trouble is...I love the films, so I had to leave my review for a bit to make sure I was reflecting on that and not anything else..I really, really, can't wait to see Breaking Dawn!!