Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Picture this - A fine city, Snow days

So.....I finally got round to taking some photos off my camera, and thought it would be good to share a couple from our last snow days in November.

Meet the best view in the area where we live.  In the distance you can see the Cathedral, and a fairly breathtaking view of the city.  Behind the trees on the left, there's a roman cathedral, and also a medieval castle which is now a museum in the heart of the city. 

This is where, as children, we would go sledging....and we've continued this tradition for our children.

I've not put a photo up of Shaun and Harry before....so here they are on a snowy day in November.  

Whilst parts of the UK and Scotland are still suffering the effects of severe snow, we are currently snow free, although the temperature is meant to be dropping in the next few days and we're anticipating snow again Friday...just in time for the school holidays. Yeyyy!!

We always love it when we have comments on our blog, so look forward to hearing about the area you live in.


Cem said...

So freaking beautiful. I'm so jealous! We got a lot of ice here, and the trees went all pretty with it because it got really heavy and coated everything white, but no snow to speak of :( Heavy snow apparenty forcasted for us Thurs and Fri this week, so fingers crossed! lol kind of. Parents are meant to be flying to Scotland on Saturday and home on Monday, I'm not too hopeful for them right now...

Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

It is a beautiful place...it also helps that that's probably the best photo I've ever taken LOL

Ohhh...fingers crossed your parents can get back...Scotland's not the easiest place to be in right now...they are much more prepared for the elements than round here I bet!!

peapod said...

The finest city! :)

I don't share your enthusiasm for snow though ;) If this forecasted snow comes to fruition it'll mean we may not be able to make the drive to see family and friends :(

Celine said...

I always think snow looks so pretty. Here in the Netherlands everything is at the moment covered in a thin layer of snow, but the weather forecast says there will be more at the end of the week! (:

Sam said...

Lovely photos!

I am hoping for snow Thursday, and maybe having Friday off school. I would love to start my xmas hols one day early :P