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Reads Like Murder in Kahala by Georgina Donovan

Title: Reads Like Murder in Kahala
Author: Georgina Donovan
Publisher: Dream Books LLC 
Published: 29 Oct 2010 (ebook format)
Author's Website:

Rating: 4/5

The cover on this shows up as somewhat dark on my blog, the picture of it on Amazon is a lot clearer.  I found the cover to be interesting, and tranquil overall.

I liked the beginning of the book, there's a glossary page for some of the words used throughout the book, this proved really helpful...I would have prefered the relevant word/translation to be on the bottom of the page it appeared on though, purely  so I didn't have to keep flicking back to the start for an explanation (I read this ebook on my pc, I suspect reading it on an ereader would be easier if using the glossary).

The book itself is delightfully descriptive, in a wish-I-was-there way.  As a reader I could feel the Hawaiian sun beating down through the pages of this book.  There's a definate feeling of coming home for the main character, Hayley.  I enjoyed the references to Magnum P.I., I enjoyed the re-runs of them ;p  I am a fan of this kind of mystery book.  It's an easy, gently paced read which kept me guessing all the way through.  In many respects it's familiar, as I enjoy Agatha Raisen and Hamish MacBeth mysteries.  It was a refreshing setting, with the plot weaving in Polynesian legends and both spiritual and heritage elements.

To begin with I have to admit I was puzzled by Hayley and Chases' relationship.  Hayley on one hand is thinking of marriage and being with Chase, Chase is so laid back he's horizontal, but there's not much action, or confirmed passion, or love, up until the last chapter really, which is when we get a sense of what's happening in their relationship.  I'm betting their relationship will develop leaps and bounds over the series, however I found their relationship to not hold much meaning in this one.

All in all, an enjoyable and relaxing read, gently paced until the action scenes.  Most definalty a page turner for me, both to hear about the legends, and also to find out 'who dunnit!'

Book Synopsis from Amazon:
"Inheriting a beachfront estate! On the same island with her boyfriend! What could possibly go wrong for Haley Wyndham?

How about theft, annoying real estate agents, demonstrations, and murder! Not to mention haunting Hawaiian ghosts!

Looks like paradise comes with a few rogue waves!"

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