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Stealing the Marbles by E.J.Knapp

Title: Stealing the Marbles
Author: E. J. Knapp
Publisher: Rebel e Publishers
Published: August 2010
ISBN: 0986973173 (also in ebook)
Author's Website:

Rating: 4/5

The cover on this is eye catching and true to the storyline, what the cover can't express is how detailed the book is, no detail is left to chance and it's very thorough.  Stealing the Marbles is witty from the outset, as Danny goes about creating allies to aid him in his task to steal and return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece.

Danny is a thief of epic proportions, possibly wanted by various agencies including Interpol.  He steals for the thrill of the chase, and as a reader you soon discover that he's not as heroic or brave as he might at first seem.  I was surprised by some of his dislikes, these made the story even more interesting.

This book kept me on my's got car chases, gun fights and a really good plot, menacing in places with twists and turns.  I did guess what the outcome was going to be to some extent, but the book was well paced none the less, with touching scenes of vulnerability and grief, that you possibly wouldn't expect from a thriller.

This was a can't-put-it-down read, which was totally absorbing and enjoyable from start to finish.  I was surprised at the end to read that although Danny's story is not real, the Parthenon Marbles and their story, is in fact true.

Book Synopsis:
"When does a wrong become a right? Danny Samsel has defeated the finest security systems in the world. Interpol wants him, the FBI wants him, the CIA wants him. He is a Master Thief - even the White House could not prevent him from liberating one of their paintings. Now, after a year languishing on Kefalonia, he has turned his attention to his greatest adventure: the heist of the century. In the 19th century Lord Elgin stole pieces of the Parthenon and shipped them to England. In the 21st century Danny Samsel is going to steal them back. He has decided to return the Marbles to Greece. His motives are not entirely altruistic: having enraged and estranged Kastania, his beautiful and extraordinary girlfriend, who just happens to be able to access and overcome any computer system, he wants her back in his life. She never left his heart. And he needs her help to steal the Marbles from the British Museum. With help from old friends worldwide plus a few new, surprising ones, Danny and the Marbles endure a perilous journey across Europe to their Hellenic home. With dire, vicious interventions from Interpol and avaricious underworld art collectors, betrayal from a trusted friend, Danny conquers all obstacles with grit and humour. At great cost to himself and grievous loss to his accomplices, Danny rights an international wrong, settles a few other scores, foxes old foes, and guarantees the future of his chosen career."

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