Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Author Interview - Kelli Sue Landon

I'd like to welcome Kelli Sue Landon.  Kelli's here to tell us about her debut novel Sudden Moves which is a A Young Adult Mystery.

What is your book about? 
Sixteen year old Michelle Martin grows suspicious when classmate, Katie Brashers, doesn't return after a Spring Break trip to Florida. Michelle is worried because she let Katie borrow a family heirloom that needed to be returned to her. She talks it over with her best friend, Tami, and Katie's boyfriend, Brad, who is crushed over her sudden departure. Together, they snoop around the neighborhood and learn more and more about what happened to Katie and her family.

Why did you decide to write it? 
I had the idea in my head since I was in high school. I started it as a story, but it evolved into a full length novel.

How did you get your book published? 
I self published through Outskirts Press.

What types of readers will be interested in your book? 
Teens or women who will be taken back to their high school years.

What is special about your book? What differentiates it from other books in the same category? 
This book is about regular teenagers, not the supernatural or vampires, which seems to be the norm right now. They react as normal teens would react in their situation. It's a YA mystery, but evolves into a more adult finale. These kids learn a lot on their quest to find Katie.

Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more? 
This is my first one, but I have another one written. It will be sent off for publication this spring. It takes place on a weekend camping trip – a slasher type of story with a whodunit angle. 

Book synopsis:
"When Katie Brashers announces to her friends that she’s headed to Orlando, Florida, for spring break, no one thinks twice. But when school resumes and Katie is nowhere to be found, her sixteen-year-old classmate and friend, Michelle Martin, grows suspicious.

The school staff claims that the family moved to Florida, but Michelle doesn’t buy it. First, Katie never said goodbye to her devoted boyfriend, Brad; and second, Katie still has a treasured family book Michelle gave her to read—a book Katie promised to return. Something doesn’t make sense.

Michelle and her best friend, Tami, team up with Brad to investigate the family’s disappearance, but it’s not easy. Not only do they have to dodge Michelle’s demanding, nosey mother, but they also have to sneak around the neighborhood while avoiding arrest for trespassing. After talking to neighbors and looking inside the house, they still have nothing but circumstantial evidence.

Michelle is about ready to give up—until she takes her dog for their daily walk and uncovers a concrete clue. The clue leads her closer to the truth, but also thrusts her into dangerous circumstances beyond her control. If she isn’t careful, Michelle could end up like Katie—gone without a trace."


Kulsuma said...

Sounds interesting!

Kelli Sue Landon said...

Thank you so much for featuring my book!! The book is getting excellent reviews on Amazon and it seems to really be taking off! I am so thrilled that people are enjoying it! I am over the top happy!

Darcía Helle said...

Kelli, I love that your book has "normal" teens! It sounds like a great read. I wish you tons of success!

Kelli Sue Landon said...

Thanks Darcia! Yes, I had to write what I knew - that was normal teens! So far everyone has been surprised by the ending.