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Medikidz explain Food Allergy by Dr K Chilman-Blair & John Taddeo

Title: What's up with Paulina? Medikidz explain Food Allergy
Author: Dr K. Chilman-Blair & John Taddeo
Publisher: Medikidz
Published: Sept 09
ISBN: 978-1-906935-06-1
Authors website:

Rating: 4/5

The cover on this is very bright and eye catching.

Medikidz explain Food Allergy by traveling around Mediland, a planet shaped like a body. This particular comic has Paulina and her friend traveling with the Medikidz to find out how and why Paulina's body reacts as it when she accidentally eats something with peanuts in.   The comic is packed with information, in a fun and interesting way readers are told how adrenaline is used and introduced to Anna Phylaxis, the towering purple coated character on the cover.

Shaun could still be heard giggling following Gastro's antics, and he came away feeling he knew more about Food Allergy.  Our youngest has a reaction to dairy, so this made for an interesting and helpful read as a parent.  The information is given in a fun and down to earth way at a level children can understand and identify with.  Shaun's favorite piece in this was when the secret army (immune system) came into the comic to help rid the body of unwanted germs.

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Comic synopsis:
"It's Paulina's birthday and everyone is excited about the classroom party she is having cupcakes galore! Paulina suddenly feels ill. The whole classroom disrupts into chaos POISONED CUPCAKES! But no, Paulina is allergic to peanuts and she's eaten the wrong cake. Luckily the Medikidz a disparate group of superheroes jump into action and whisk Paulina and her friend away before her classmates can say call poison control! Pump, Skinderella, Chi, Gastro, Axon, and the trusty brain-on-legs, Abacus, are specialist tour guides of the human body and can tell Paulina all about her allergies. Join Paulina on her journey around Mediland (a planet shaped just like the human body) as she discovers the facts behind her Food Allergy. Along the way they will encounter the confused immune system army, gruesome infections, and the Medikidz' arch nemesis, Anna Phylaxis. Will the Medikidz be able to avoid Anna's attacks and deliver Paulina back to earth in time to finish off her party? 

The Medikidz range of graphic novels explains childhood illness in a way that is imaginative, engaging and easy to understand. Developed by a team of doctors, Medikidz does not try to 'sugarcoat' serious problems. Rather, the information provided empowers children with the knowledge they need to take ownership of their disease, providing them with skills for self-management, while taking away their fear of the unknown." 

A comic was received on loan from Medikidz in exchange for an honest review.

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