Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday Mix - T-Shirt Printing

I thought it would make a nice change to write about other things once in a while, so here goes!  Mondays will be the day that occasionally I might just mix it up and not have a book review. 

T-Shirt offers screen printed clothes - t-shirts, hoodies, promotional wear and work wear.   I received an XL t-shirt to see what they were like.

The t-shirt feels like good quality material, it is fairly heavy, and not the see-through cheap cotton that you sometimes find.  The stitching of the t-shirt is neat and flawless also.

The sizing is generous.  I normally go for XL stuff as I like them a bit baggy -and to hide a spare tyre or two ;p This t-shirt is marked as XL, I would say that it is slightly bigger than the XL t-shirts I have, but not by much.

The printed motif on this is bright, eye catching pastel bases.  The one I have is a monkey face in yellow, with pink and blue outlining detail.  The colours are all individual, with no bleed.  They are solid with no flaws.  All in all I'm very impressed, there's no bubbling or access left on the t-shirt.  Should I be in need of promotional clothes in the future then this will be the first place I'll look.

Source: A t-shirt from was received in exchange for an honest review.

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