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Mubu & Mu-Mu by Peter Alexander

Title: Mubu & Mu-Mu The Little Animal Doctor
Author: Peter Alexander
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Published: Sept 2010
ISBN: 9781426938863
Author Website: none found

Rating 5/5 with merits

The cover on this is stunning, full technicolour illustrations that lend themselves so well to the forests where the book is set, and to the sweet story.

Mubu is a 6 year old girl who knows the forests where she lives like the back of her hand.  Her grandfather is the local medicine man, collecting herbs for the neighbors and helping injured animals recover and Mubu is his helper caring for the animals.  Her grandfather comes home with an injured baby gibbon which Mubu looks after.  The story is really sweet, and also encourages children to take the environment seriously, and how to respect animals in their natural environment.

All of the illustrations are bright and welcoming, and imparts a huge sense of joy and wonder for the readers.

Towards the end of the book there is a message from Lek, the lady whom Mubu is based on.  Lek grew up in the mountains of Northern Thailand living close to nature and caring for animals from a young age.  She now runs an Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand.  Also at the back of the book is further information on the species of gibbons, and details of  Lek's childhood.  It compares western world with Lek's world, and for us, provoked a discussion on the differences between countries and how we live.

This truly is a fantastic book.  All of the illustrations are eye catching and vibrant.  The storyline is really sweet and captivating.  This was a book Harry requested over and over, as he loves all the pictures (and couldn't choose his favourite).  Both Shaun and Harry agree on two points - they both love all the illustrations, and their favourite part of the story is when Mubu allows Mu-Mu into her room, breaking one of the rules her grandfather had set.

If your child loves nature and wildlife then this book is a great read.  There's so much within it's pages that I think there's something for everyone to enjoy, from the illustrations, facts, and fantastic story, to the characters within the book.

Book synopsis:
The funny, exciting and charming story of young Lek Chailert, a true savior of animals. Coming Next: "Mubu and the Ghosts & the Tiger!" 

Source: Many thanks to the publisher and author for the review copy given in exchange for an honest review

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