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Out With the Undead by Jade Twilight

Title: Out With The Undead
Author: Jade Twilight
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Published: Sept 2010
ISBN: 978-1-61650-188-4
Author's Website:

Rating: 4/5

The cover on this represents the three main female characters.  Can't say I like the colour of the background, I like both the fonts used though.  I liked the synopsis on this one.

The story encompasses a variety of paranormal gifts, from vampyres to lycans/werewolves, and also a multitude of personalities, from submissive, to tyrants.  I enjoyed all the characters, as they all brought a wealth of ability to the story.  My favourite character is Hunter, who goes from an abused and sheltered girl, to a blossoming woman taking control of her life and living it the way she chooses.  I enjoyed the duplicity of her story, especially when Minnie comes on the scene.

Brigid is Liam's Guardian, and Liam is continually trying to push the boundaries with her.  Brigid is in a predominately male Guardian world, so she can be a loose cannon, and enjoys breaking the odd rule when it suits.   Edward and his daughter Elizabeth are taken under Brigid's wing following orders from the Council, and all is not what it appears to be.  Magee is a social worker for the city, working with the Undead and traumatized vampyre victims.  Magee attracts the unwanted attention of Bastien, who turns her world upside down.  I love Magee's relationship with her boss.

I enjoyed the idea of Latents, and the consequences of being bitten three times by a vamp.  There's some fantastic twists in this story, along with intermingled plots between characters, especially Bastien and the ladies.  There's some really hot sex scenes, as well as a ménage a trois...*phew*, I thoroughly enjoyed this overall.

Book Synopsis:
This is what happens when three women's lives become hopelessly entangled.

Brigit has dealt with being one of the few female Guardians all her life. Now she's asked to help train another woman while dealing with her Charge, Liam, and the changes he's going through. To add to her workload, she  needs to help Hunter, a female in her employment. Brigit pushes her own needs and wants to the back burner until they are almost boiling over. Liam wants her, but it's against the rules. Edward can give her the normal life she wants, but is he all he's cracked up to be?

To call Hunter's home life crappy is an understatement. Only after discovering everything she believed about herself is a lie do two men turn her world upside down. Driven to the brink of sanity, she needs to learn who she really is.

Regan's service worker job never prepared her for her duties with the pack.. Traumatized vampyre victims, creatures who become children when hit by sunlight, and werewolves are just a few things she must learn to deal with. But she's not sure what to do when a vampyre wants to make her his mate, and she falls for her lycanthropic boss.

Content warning, vampyre ménage a trois, explicit sex, harsh language, violence

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