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Progeny by R.T. Kaelin

Title: Progeny
Author: R.T. Kaelin
Publisher: Terrene Press
Published: Nov 2010
ISBN: 978-0615421032
Author's website:

Rating 5/5 with merits

The cover on this symbolizes the essence of the story, the White Lions, a select few originally chosen by the gods to defend and maintain balance, fighting evil in its many guises, including those that incarnate (e.g. God of Deception), among many.  

From the first chapter I was completely hooked.  I was drawn into a community where magic is outlawed, and had just met Nikalys and his sister Kenders, before being immersed into an utterly devastating event for their community, which sees their village being destroyed and the probability of their family having died as a result.  Nikalys and Kenders are hurtled into an unknown fate, as they put distance between themselves and the incredibly powerful (but outlawed) magic which they were the witnesses and survivors of.

This novel is a fantasy about family, legacies, strengths, coming of age and also magical powers..."the strands".  Anyone who enjoys adventure stories or magical and paranormal I would suggest you give this a try. For me, Progeny is in league with both The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings and far better than Harry Potter - Progeny has a wealth of depth to it that I haven't seen in many books.

Progeny has many layers of stories within its pages, and I found it totally awe inspiring as a read, with each character that is developed really coming to life and adding weight to the story telling.  It's hard for me to pick a favorite character to be honest, as they were all of a fantastic quality.  We get to see flaws, weaknesses and the loathsomeness in the most evil characters of the plot.  The Sun Elf is exceptionally evil and self centered, leaving both chaos and death in his wake, I loved some of his creations which added to his dastardly deeds.  Broedi is a strong, relaxed and fairly easy going character who oozes control with a mindset of a protector and true friend.  Nundle the Halfling is a joy to read about.  I loved the way a character of such small stature could make such a big difference - not only do we get to see him as he rises from being under the thumb of a horrible teacher, we see him in a setting which he deserves to be part of with his magical talents.  The progressions of both Nikalys and Kenders if fascinating, alongside that of their friends.

There's also a wealth of villages and backdrops which characters are either from, pass through or end up at, all of which have their own story which we also see and become part of as the story continues.  Progeny is well paced, and seamlessly weaves lots of stories and characters without effort or flaw.  

My favorite quote from Progeny:
"I feel like an arrow.  For thirty-six years, I remained inside a quiver.  Now suddenly, I've been shot and am flying through the air, trying to glimpse and grasp everything as it all rushes past."

I thoroughly enjoyed the build up to the last couple of chapters.  We are left knowing that there is more to come, so I hope Sabine makes her mind up, and that it's clarified in the next book if Eliza and Aryn Atticus are no longer living - this was hinted at, but not confirmed.  I loved the idea of the gods aiding and making pacts behind closed doors on either sides, and I also loved the use of "the strands"...the use of magic...for me reminiscent of a dvd which I adore for its use of Tai Chi & energy working -The Last Airbender.

For all of its 650+ pages, Progeny is the biggest book I've read for a while - however it is also substantial in content and storyline.  I've enjoyed it immensely from start to finish and am really looking forward to whatever happens next - it's sure to be good after the high bar R.T. Kaelin has made with Progeny.  A highly recommended read, this is a great story of epic proportions, I would love to see this as a film.  My only question now is...when can we expect the next one?! Stay tuned - R. T. Kaelin is joining me tomorrow for an interview :0)

Book synopsis:
Nikalys and his sister Kenders grew up living a peaceful life in the quiet farming village of Yellow Mud… until the blistering hot day when they go to the nearby lake for a swim. When they reach the lake, they spy an unknown mage conjure a massive water creature hundreds of feet tall. They watch in horror as the water creature plunges toward their home, apparently drowning all in its path, including their parents and older brother, Jak. As the only survivors, brother and sister strike out on their own, hoping to discover the reason their home and family was destroyed. They must make their way through a countryside where magic is outlawed, punishable by imprisonment or even death while struggling with the revelation that Kenders has magical abilities herself. 

Although Kenders can feel and touch the many-colored “strands” of magic she has no idea how to use them until she and Nikalys are attacked by a pack of wolves and Kenders instinctively summons a bolt of lightning, immediately collapsing when the effort drains her of all her energy. From nowhere a giant lynx appears and saves the pair from certain death and then miraculously morphs into his natural self, a seven-foot-tall man. The shape changer’s name is Broedi and when the time is right, he reveals to the siblings that he is one of the original White Lions and he recites to them an ancient prophecy that tells of the coming of a new and even more terrible war than the one centuries ago. The evil Gods of Chaos, Strife, and Sorrow and Pain would combine efforts to unite the orcs, gnolls and razorfiends --- normally sworn enemies. 

The forces of good would be led by two children of other White Lions; those children are Nikalys and Kenders, the Progeny. As brother and sister struggle with the revelation that the only parents they could remember were not their birth parents, some of the Gods and Goddesses were busy setting other events in motion. Others people – strangers at first – would gather and become allies of the Progeny. Together, they were about to be caught up in the greatest conflict the world had ever seen. Ancient, powerful forces still seek the Progeny on their travels, some intent to eliminate the threat they pose, some hoping to help them fulfill a destiny of which they are unaware. Myths and legends come to life, whisking the pair along a journey they never could have imagined possible.

Source - a copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

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