Monday, 14 February 2011

Jamie at Home DVD 1 & 2

DVD 1 is Jamie at Home featuring Furred Game and Pastry (there's two episodes per disc)

The first episode is for the wild meat eaters out there.  Jamie meets with a gamekeeper and has a go at rabbit hunting.  The recipes in this episode look mouth watering.  I've never thought of using rabbit as an alternative to breaded chicken, but we watched this episode as a family, and all of us agreed it's one we want to try, as they looked yummy.  Jamie also gives a brilliant tip to know when your fat fryer is up to temperature, if you still use the saucepan type.

The second episode in this is for pastry.  Jamie shows two methods for making pastry - both shortcrust, but one savory and the other sweet.  He uses manual mixing for one, and a food processor for the other...I know which way I prefer now I've got a food processor!!  Again, Jamie gives a very handy and usable tip, this time with greaseproof paper, using it to help well rolling out pastry.  My favorite recipe in this episode was Steak, Cheese and Onion Pie, it even had guinness in as the gravy....hmmm, yum!!

After watching nearly all of the 30 Minute Meals by Jamie and then seeing these, I think there is a slight difference in Jamie's enthusiasm and the way he communicates.  He seems a bit more relaxed and laid back in these two Jamie at Home episodes.  At this point I should say I'm a huge fan of Jamie's.  What he did with the School Dinners project and the American Food Revolution was absolute genius.  Not only a fantastic marketing exercise but also very positive for the food industry as far as I'm concerned.  I love Jamie's 30 minute meals and the Jamie at Home DVDs are very useful and have mouthwatering recipes also.

I'll be reviewing the other DVDs one at a time, as it would take too much space to review all 6 at once on the blog.

Source - Thanks to The Sun Buzz, I was able to offer a set of Jamie at Home DVDs for a giveaway, and also review them.

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