Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Other Countess by Eve Edwards

Title: The Other Countess
Author: Eve Edwards
Publisher: Razorbill/Penguin
Published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-0141327303
Author's website:

Rating: 5/5

The cover on the version I have is the same as the one pictured - there is another cover which is more decadent and more in keeping with the other two covers in the series.  This cover is very intricate, you can see the bead detail on the dress as well as the pattern, and a slight scroll effect which becomes more prominent in the following books in the series, as does the author's name on the cover. There are a few spoilers as I completely fell in love with this historical's kind of hard to keep it all to myself ;p

Lady Eleanor Rodriguez of San Jaime - Ellie to most people - is an alchemists daughter.  Her mother has since passed, and Ellie is struggling with her fathers obsession with alchemy.  Her father is convinced he will one day make gold, but in the meantime they are left finding sponsors for her fathers complete obsession.  He's so blind to what is going on around him he's in his own world most of the time, and Ellie is left to deal with the consequences, as if she were the parent...she deserves so much more.

The Other Countess has themes of titles, romance, politics, Catholicism & Christianity (which I found fascinating, even though it normally wouldn't interest me), with a plot that feels as if you are actually there, in the late 1500s.  I love the way history is seamlessly intermingled with the storyline, it all fits together really beautifully, and I did pick up on the loose end which then follows on to the next in the series, The Queen's Lady.

Book synopsis:
Ellie - Lady Eleanor Rodriguez of San Jaime - is in possession of a gold seeking father, a worthless title and a spirit that captivates the elite of the Queen's court, and none other that the handsome new Earl of Dorset....
William Lacey has inherited his father's title and his financial ruin.  Now the Earl must seek a wealthy heiress and restore his family's fortune.  But Will's head has been turned by the gorgeous Ellie, yet their union can never be.  Will is destined to marry a worthy Lady so the only question is - which one....?


Becky said...

I loved this one too. I found it an addictive will they? won't they? read so so romantic. (My favourite!) Can't wait to read the next book.

Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

I've a feeling you'll love the next book also, just as much as I did :)

My review of The Queen's Lady is coming tomorrow...if you ever feel the need to unburden my bookshelves, just shout!

Rebecca-Books said...

I loved the romance in this book especially.
It wasn't over the top but it wasn't understated. And it was different too :)

Rebecca Herman said...

I loved this book. However I preferred this cover and the original cover they were going to use for The Queen's Lady, because I really hate headless covers, they look so unnatural to me.