Monday, 21 March 2011

Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting

Title: Desires of the Dead
Author: Kimberly Derting
Published:  March 2011
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 9780755378968
Author's website: 

Rating: 4/5

The cover on this is eye catching, with a black background and bright flower behind the title.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Body Finder, and looked forward to reading Desires of the Dead also.  Violet has a secret.  She can sense the echoes of things (animals/humans) who have been killed.  In Desires of the Dead, Violet takes some risks and immerses herself in answering the call of the echoes, which is something she didn't do much of in the last book as she had support with her most of the time.  Violet is being watched by an unknown person...who goes out of their way to make Violet suffer. 

Desires of the Dead didn't seem as creepy and edge of your seat scary as The Body Finder, although I still managed to read it in a day and it was certainly a page turner as I couldn't put it down.  I enjoyed the way in which Violet and Jay's relationship progresses and how it changes along with acquiring new friends into their group.  We get to see more of Chelsea this time as well - her character has me in stitches, she's so forthright and unwavering.  The end of the book repulsed me, as Violet is drawn to another dead body and is powerless to resist.  

My favourite quote from Desires of the Dead:
"It almost would have been easy to disregard the tugging she felt coming from the opposite direction.  And she tried, closing her eyes and pretending for a moment that she hadn't noticed it at all......she could no longer ignore its enigmatic lure.
The song of the dead.
And it was calling her."

Overall, I really, really, hope there's another book in this series, and that we're going to see Violet expanding and aiding those who need her help.  If there is another book on the way I think Rafe is going to be a character of great interest with his specialist help and the chemistry between him and Violet is interesting...I can't help wondering if that will be explored further, hmmm..I do like Jay though! :)

Source: Huge thanks to Asamum for lending me this :)

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Jules said...

Good review, I have been wanting to start reading this series. They are waiting on my wish list for when I have some spare money.