Saturday, 30 April 2011

Gladiator: Fight for Freedom by Simon Scarrow

Title: Gladiator: Fight for Freedom
Author: Simon Scarrow
Publisher: Puffin
Published: Feb 2011
ISBN: 978-0141335100
Author's website: Scarrow Brothers

Rating 5/5 with merits  

The cover on this shows Marcus, the main character, and from this and the trailer, I knew it was a book not to be missed by our eldest reviewer, who is a huge fan of Rome, history, Asterix and fighting in books!!

Shaun's favourtite characters were Marcus and Ferax.  Marcus because he kills wolfs and becomes a gladiator, and Ferax because he is a Celt, tall and strong.  Marcus starts a free man, his father a Centurion (Shaun wont tell me who Marcus' mother is because it has impact on the story!)  Marcus has a destiny which he doesn't know about.  

Shaun's favourite part of the book was the ending, which I shan't give away...but he says he's really looking forward to the next installment in the series :-)  

As a parent, we love books which encourage history at a level which our children understand, and although this is not a factual book, the fact Shaun had his nose in it and hung to every word was a joy to see....this is the first large book he's read without assistance (he's 8 & in year 3), so his enthusiasm was sparked by this, and he's since gone on to delve into other books.  he was very happily telling us pieces of the story as he went along and hasn't stopped since.  I'd highly recommend this story for boys who like engrossing and hero type reads.

Source - Many thanks to Puffin, this was received at an event earlier in the year in exchange for an honest review.

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