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One to read: The Mayan Conspiracy by Graham Brown

Title: The Mayan Conspiracy
Author: Graham Brown
Published: 7th July 2011
Publisher: Ebury Press
ISBN: 978 0091943080

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Rating: 5/5 with merits (This is in my top 5 reads for this year to date!)

The cover on this gives you a quick glance into the storyline, but can't tell you how mind blowing the story is.  If you've seen things like The DaVinci Code and loved it, then this book is a must for you.  Not only is it multi layered, the storyline drew me in from the first page and I couldn't put it down.  There are really fantastic build ups and plot twists which made this a unforgettable read.

Danielle Laidlaw works for the government and so far has been unable to prove to her superiors what she is capable of.  She sees this secret mission as her one shot at showing her worth, even though it means following the footsteps of an explorer who documented his journey in the 1920s.  The journey is riddled with danger, not least of all the secret which they are there to find.  The government sent a scouting party out ahead of the secret mission - only one survived and returned.  

Hawker is ex-CIA who is trying to steer clear of trouble.  He's enlisted as a pilot by Danielle, although he quickly realises that there's more to this mission that what the team is being told and he must use his skills to help the team as they fight an unknown enemy.

All in all this book is stunning.  So much tension alongside a very realistic backdrop.  I love the way the storyline seems very real, and very believable.  The characters all work together really well and you can feel the tension surrounding them as they try to understand what they are up against.  This book has made it into my top 5 reads of 2011.  I couldn't put it down, it's very meaty at just over 500 pages which flew by, and it left me wondering if some elements were possible as it was very believable.  Thoroughly enjoyable and one I highly recommend.

Book synopsis:
A coveted treasure.
A perilous mission.
A dangerous secret that could change the world.....
Covert government operative Daniellr Laidlaw leads an expedition into the deepest reaches of the Amazon in search of a legendary Mayan city.  Assisted by a renowned university professor and protected by a mercenary named Hawker, her team journeys into the tangled rainforest - unaware that they are the replacements for a group that vanished weeks before, and that the treasure they are seeking is no mere artefact....

Source: Many thanks to Ebury Press, a copy was received in exchange for my honest review.

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