Monday, 1 August 2011

Horrid Henry film

Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking our two boys to see Horrid Henry at the local cinema in 3D.  Firstly - let me get this off my chest - I adore Richard E.Grant - I think he always plays his parts brilliantly!   In this he's the headmaster of a local private school for boys, with an evil plan to force the closure of schools around him so that all the children come to his school and make him wealthy in the process.  Of course he intends to use Horrid Henry to his advantage ;)

I wasn't sure what Horrid Henry would be like as it's originally a cartoon being transported into film.  Overall it was a light hearted schoolboy film, and one that has a lot of things children of preschool and middle age would be able to relate to.  I was surprised that Henry wasn't more scheming and horrid.  Most of the things that happened were as a mistake or consequence of something else.

The cinema wasn't that busy, in part due to the time we went, but I suspect the gorgeous weather had encouraged many people to visit the coast, so the atmosphere in the cinema wasn't that warm.  We were surprised by how long the film was - just over 2 hours - which went fairly quickly but might be too long for smaller children.

My favourite character in this apart from the headmaster was Moody Margaret, who had her name down to perfection!  The purple hand club (Henry's friends) are a mixed bunch.  It was rather fun when Great Aunt Greta made Henry go to an all Girl's school as she's convinced he's a girl called Henrietta.

Our youngest commented on the green dinosaur which Horrid Henry transformed into at one point to scare his brother out of his room (apparently he hasn't seen that bit in the cartoons) and he liked when Henry was sent to his room.  The most memorable thing for all of us...and I hope you're not eating whilst you're reading this....watching Henry roll up a boogie and fling it....bear in mind we saw it in 3D (I'm hoping its put both our sons off doing similar feats in the future lol).  So the film does have a few boyish gross scenes in which the boys enjoyed.

Here's a quick sneak peak at a trailer for it:

Source - Many thanks to Vertigo Films & Think Jam.  Tickets were received in return for an honest review of the film.

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