Sunday, 30 October 2011

Trixie The Witch's Cat by Nick Butterworth

Title: Trixie The Witch’s Cat
Author: Nick Butterworth
Publisher: Puffin
Published: October 2010
ISBN: 9780 141326801

Rating 5/5

The cover on this is a fun one which ties in well with the book, with Trixie waving as she sits on the back of her owner’s broomstick.  This book is a must for black cat fans and those who are looking for a special book around Halloween time.

Trixie is convinced she’s not a proper witch’s cat, as she has one white paw which sets her apart from all the other black cats.  Trixie embarks on mischief and fun to try and make herself a cat fit for a witch….mayhem and paint are involved!

The illustrations within this are brilliant, colourful and appear on both pages.  How far should Trixie go to make herself into a completely black cat….and will she like the consequences of her new look?

Our 5 year old loves the storyline in this, and enjoys predicting what is about to happen.

Trixie has a fairly simple message which is told in a fun and engaging way.  Being different is a good thing, and making yourself the same as everyone else is not fun.

Source – Many thanks to Puffin, a copy of the book was received in return for an honest review.

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