Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Scar by Michael S Weiner

Title: The Scar
Author: Michael S Weiner
Publisher: Vanguard Press
Published: Nov 2010, also out in ebook
ISBN: 978 1843866572

Rating 2.5/5

The cover on this shows a victim who has been beaten.  The font used for the title is unusual as well.

The Scar is told from the police’s viewpoint, and also the killer’s viewpoint, so without giving away the killer’s identity, we find out about his history, his reason for killing and also how the police put together their case to try and solve the seemingly random killings that take place. 

I’ve got mixed feelings after reading The Scar.  The actual plot seemed far fetched in that it encompassed so many bizarre things….eg, the killer gets pulled off the street and then has to choose between fighting for his life (without knowing or asking for the rules) or a life of prostitution, amongst other things. 

Overall the plot had several twists and turns, and I thought I knew who the killer was, so I had the tables turned on me when the killer revealed himself, which although was a hum dinger of a twist, I didn't find it believable.  What stands out for me is the ending, where the killer asks questions to justify what he is doing.  Questions at the end of the book just didn’t seem to tie up or finalise the ending.  I like thrillers & mysteries to have a complete ending with justice served, and this isn’t final enough for me.  If you're looking for a thriller and aren't concerned with knowing justice is served, then this is a quick, thrilling read.

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Source –  A copy was received in return for an honest review.

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