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Review: Halloween Crafts for Kids YellowMoon.co.uk

Halloween Crafting for Children

We’ve been busy creating & decorating getting ready for Halloween, so we’ve had lots of fun crafting time together.  Here’s what we made together, all of it was really easy to do and didn’t need much supervision if any – although I joined in and made some as well ;p

Halloween Treat Tub - From a blank to Halloween style!
Our eldest got sent home with a blank tub from school to fill with things so they could sell to raise funds, so in keeping with the Halloween theme, he used Orange Card as the background to the tub and lid.  He then added some of Halloween Glittered Foam Stickers, which were really easy to stick on as they have their own double sided tape on the back.  He did some drawings on it also.  He then used PVA glue to attach his background to the tub and used some of the insects on the top for decoration, again using PVA glue to fix them on.  He’s really pleased with his creation :)

Halloween Foam Mask
These came in a pack of four, which our youngest wanted to have a go at.  Each of them were sealed in their own bag as a standalone kit, which is brilliant.  It meant he could choose the one he wanted and eveything was already there for him to use.  All I needed to do was prompt him to attach the black foam cut-outs to his pumpkin, giving tips on which way might be best to do it.  He then happily made his creation independently.  This didn’t take to long to do and he enjoys wearing his creation.  As a crafty mum I found this one of my favourite packs, as the foam cut-outs were all self sticking – meaning hardly any mess – just peel back the protective layer and attach, so easy & something our 6 year year old did himself.  It took the chore away and meant there was no sticky, yucky glue to mess his fingers up with or his project :)  The elastic was already on the mask which made this a lot less fiddly to do.

Halloween themed scratch boards
Do you remember having scratch boards as a child?  I remember spending many an hour scratching away at a picture to reveal a detailed copper etching of an animal. 

These are a variation on that, in that they are made of a glossy card with a film of black over the top which when scratched with the wooden tool provided, they reveal a rainbow of colour to the board.  There are 6 in a pack.  These are extremely fun to do! 

We took these round the boys grandparents, where as you would normally find them playing on the pcs round there, this time both the children went straight to these up the table and myself and their Grandmother came and made one also.  Doing these was fun, and the talking point of that visit whilst we all sat up the table to guess what colour we’d scratch away next.  Very enjoyable and very easy to do for all ages.  It is a shame the boards were a bit scratched on arrival….I think it’s a compromise between the film having to be fairly pliable and thin so it is easy to do, as they were only surface scratches and didn’t show the colour which is there when you do use them.  These are really different, and the boys did more than one each of these.  All links to the products used are at the bottom of this post.

                                                                                    Halloween Treat Bags
These are fairly small, and far more realistic than many treat bags in size!  I imagine you’d get a few fun size bars in these as well as an assortment of sweets if you go Trick or Treating. 

The boys used their Metallic Pens to colour the majority of the bags they choose (they both choose Frankenstein ones!) and then they used the Luminous Paint to highlight areas.  Once it got dark, we turned the lights out to see how good the luminous paint worked….it’s not overly bright, but the boys thought it was fun that you could see it in the dark.

The boys feedback on these – both the boys really enjoyed using the scratch art boards most, “because you had to scratch it and you could make a pattern with it, and it was Halloween style”.  Our eldest enjoyed doing his school project also.

Source – Many thanks to YellowMoon.co.uk these products were sent in return for an honest review.  Disclaimer - This review and comments herein may be used by YellowMoon.

Items used:
Halloween Tub

Halloween Foam Mask

Halloween Scratch Board

Halloween Treat Bags

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