Friday, 7 December 2012

Continued chat with Logan Belle, Author of the burlesque Angel Trilogy

Please welcome back Logan Belle, author of Blue Angel, Fallen Angel and Naked Angel.  As promised, here is our live chat for you all to read :)

Was the concept of the tattoo in the book yours? Is it something that the majority of professional burlesque dancers have for their establishment?

A lot of performers have tattoos, but it's really my own interest in tattoos that made me incorporate them into the novels. I don't have one, but my fianc√© did get at Blue Angel tattoo!  We even made temporary tattoos out of the design and gave them away when the book published in the U.S.

In the last book, Poppy takes a back seat, was that planned? I thought she may have stepped in when the ballerina couldn’t perform?
I had originally planned to have all three book centred on the same hero and heroine. But my editor suggested that by the third book, it was time to bring other people into the drama and give them some time in the spotlight. I deferred to her experience with series. She felt that to keep giving the same hero and heroine so much drama would make them unrealistic or unsympathetic after a while. Readers would start thinking, why don't they just give it up already!

I was surprised by the amount of variety in f/f relationships within burlesque in the books, there aren’t many regular relationships portrayed, which made it an interesting read - is that fairly typical of the burlesque scene?

On the contrary, most of the women I met were in committed relationships with men. One couple I met had been together since college. 
Again, the f/f angle was something I wanted to explore.

Thank you for taking the time out to chat with me, the world of Burlesque is less of a mystery now I’ve read the books and soaked up the atmosphere! These are recommended reads if you're curious about Burlesque; but also if you want some steamy hot alternatives to Shades of Grey!

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