Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Post (IMM)

Were has this week gone already??  Welcome to December!  This week saw a fluttering of snow in our county, so one of our boys was wishing for snow days for this's cold enough I think, but as yet we've not had anymore snow.  I'm sure there's more to come, so there’s no better time to hibernate under a cozy duvet and read :)

Here’s what landed IMM this week, along with some library books (links go to Goodreads)

Killing Rachel by AnneCassidy from Bloomsbury, publishes March 2013
 The colour combinations on the cover on this are brilliant – I’ve also picked up the first in this series from the library, so I’ll be reading Dead Time before reading this.

The Dressmaker by KateAlcott from Sphere, publishes March 2013
This one peeked my interest with the synopsis

Among Others by Jo Walton from Corsair, published HB Nov 2012, paperback March 2013

Again, the book synopsis on this sounds intriguing.

This was a pot luck request from the publisher for a review to be done on a mystery book before Christmas.  I don’t normally read girly pre-teen type books (at least not often) but I’m game, it looks like a funny read.  Sometimes I wish we had a girl reviewer here so they could enjoy reads such as these :)

From the library
I’ve been over zealous with reserving books at the library…love my library at the moment, seems they’ve got a good portion of the books I was looking for!

Love the steampunkish feel to th cover on this; a good reflections of the book which I’ve read about half of already

World Shaker by Richard Harland
This one came as a recommended read from fellow steampunk enthusiasts…now I’ve got it I’m not sure about the cover…so this may be one I’ll come back to once my reading pile is smaller!

Deathscent by Robin Jarvis
Another one which came recommended.  Hmmm….can’t say the cover does it for me…but a cover isn’t everything!

Magic for a Price by Devon Monk
I absolutely adore this series of books.  I love the lead character, Allie Beckstrom and her sense of humour.  Can’t wait to catch up!

Wintercraft Legacy by Jenna Burtenshaw
I really enjoyed the previous books in this series & don’t know how I managed to miss this one being released.  Looking forward to reading this instalment…I saw on Amazon that the next one is being released in 2013 so looking forward to that as well.

Slated by Teri Terry
This is actually one I’d seen online and wasn’t lucky enough to get selected on Netgalley for.  Whilst updating my wish list of books I realised this was already out in the UK, so this will probably be my next read after Not Just the Blues.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ve got several things going on – I’m taking part in a couple of blog tours, along with an author web chat and my post for another Giveaway Hop will be live soon, so please keep an eye out.

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Yiota said...

The Dressmaker has a such a beautiful cover. Never heard of it before, so i'll be checking it out! Enjoy!

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