Sunday, 31 October 2010

Nancy Wake World War Two Secret Agent "The White Mouse" by Lucy Hannah

Title: Nancy Wake (Who Was...??)
Author: Lucy Hannah
ISBN: 1904977588
Published by: Short Books Ltd
Published: 2006
Author Website: None found
Rating: 5/5

A real page turner of a book. Nancy Wake's story as told here is ideal for those studying at middle school/elementary levels.  It supports the English Curriculum and is packed full of information about WWII in an interesting way that doesn't deter from the main story.  Even though a small portion of the book obviously deals with sensitive subjects (such as treatment of prisoners of war and spies), it is very sensibly written with just enough information in. There's a short quiz at the end for those wanting to test their memory about what they've read.

An inspiring read, and one I recommend if you're into history or inspirational stories.  Nancy Wake was WWII's most decorated women.  For adult readers, Russell Braddon's Nancy Wake, The SOE's Greatest Heroine, is an action packed inspiring read.

What the synopsis say about Lucy Hannah's book:
Nancy Wake always had a sense of adventure.  At 16 she left her home in Australia and moved to England.  When World War Two broke out in 1939 she enlisted as a spy for the British Army, and soon became known as the courageous "White Mouse" - the Gestapo's Most Wanted Woman.  Parachuting into France in the dead of night, hiding out in the hills, smuggling people across borders, Nancy Wake was tireless in her efforts to fight for freedom.  And let those Germans just try to stop her...

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