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The Forest of Adventures by Katie M. John

Title: The Forest of Adventures
Author: Katie M. John
Publisher: Little Bird Publishing House
Published: Dec 2010 (currently available as ebook)
ISBN: 0956739520
Author's Website:

Rating 5/5

The cover on this is eye catching, I like the hues of purple in the background between the forest.  This book is packed to the brim with Arthurian legends, something that I really enjoy, and is beautifully descriptive from the outset. I felt the anticipation as the storyline unfolded, not knowing what was to come.  The characters are really well presented.  I like Morgan for her wickedly sinister, corrupt and menacing character, very well penned. Mina, the female caught between two worlds (both of love and that of the real world and magic) is a curious teen, playing out her part under peer pressure and parental pressure, whilst still remaining true to herself.  Blake...<sigh - swoon> is a smoulderingly handsome knight in shining armor...chivalry isn't dead.

I found this to be a compulsive read, it's fairly fast paced, for me the book heralds a natural storyteller, and the research that's gone into shines through each page.  I felt as if I were stepping into the pages of history, immersed in tradition within the pages of The Forest of Adventure.  I love the sense of community and the attitude towards mothering in this book.  The Realm within the pages is made very appealing, giving a sense of belonging, and of honesty and integrity to the characters.  I did feel a few things were missing - like when Mina has an out of body type message and her room is in a mess, she drops her cup of coffee...yet before the scene is finished her mother comes in and nothing is said about it...the story also suggests that there is a prophecy, but we're not made aware of what exactly, the prophecy is, which is a shame. I was left feeling there had been no closure to this book, as it ends abruptly.and the only reason it's not been rated a 5/5 with merits.

The book did take my breath away in places at the cruelty within some of the acts and twists of the storyline, it's very bittersweet in places.  Morgan is portrayed as having a heart of ice...yet she's in love with (or wants) most of the characters throughout the book.  I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy, in the meantime I can add this to my completed Author Debut Challenge 2010 over at The Story Siren.

Synopsis from Author's website:

For Mina Singer, falling in love with a knight on white horse was never the plan.
That was until the arrival of the devastatingly beautiful Blake Beldevier.
With his intense air of secrecy, Mina finds herself drawn to the mystery behind the boy,
risking all that she loves.  
As the mystery unravels, Mina finds her self in a place from which she can never return.
Written into an ancient prophesy she finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old
battle between the forces of good and evil with events seeming to do
everything in their power to destroy, not only the prophesy, but
everybody in it.

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A  hauntingly beautiful exploration of the destiny and responsibility of true and forbidden love.The Forest of Adventures is a  fairytale for our modern times.

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Chrissie said...

This sounds like a really interesting story! I love reading about Arthurian legends too so this sounds like my kind of book! Great review :)