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Bloodline by Kate Cary

Title: Bloodline
Author: Kate Cary
Publisher: Egmont
Published: Oct 2010
ISBN: 9781405254687
Author's Website:

Rating 5/5 with merits!

The cover on this is a good reflection of what's in the book, I especially like the deep blood red colour and the font used for the title.  In many places of this book I was torn between wanting to run and hide and not read further, and wanting to know more about how the gruesome tale would unfold. As I reader I felt transfixed by the mesmerizing words and way in which the plot unfolds.  John Shaw is exposed to a nightmare of violent scenes during World War I, all of which are relived in a chilling intense way through his journals, which his nurse Mary borrows to read whilst he is gripped in a comatose state in an infirmary.   Mary takes it upon herself to inform Lily, John's sister that he has returned to England.  Captain Quincey Harker, John's superior arrives to visit John, and falls in love with Lily.  The story line is very descriptive, and brutal in it's animation of WWI.

I enjoyed the menacingly chilling descriptions of Quincey Harker, and the insights to how John perceived his evilness. It does have some fairly graphic descriptions of suffering and I found this drew me to the characters more.  I read the pages with fascinated horror, it's so chilling to the bone in some places, and grisly.  Lily's innocence of what is to come is touching.  I have to say I really didn't know how this story would end.  There were a couple of really good twists in the storyline that I didn't see coming.  I found the characters and storyline fascinating, and I'm looking forward to reading the next one - something I'd thought I'd not say, since I don't read horror often.

Synopsis from cover:
Slowly he drew away, letting his hands trace lightly along my throat.  He shuddered.  Then taking hold of my trembling fingers, he whispered, 'You surely are the sweetest soul...'
When Mary's childhood sweetheart returns from the war, she barely recognises the boy she fell in love with.  John is tormented by nightmares - not only the horrors of battle, but the grisly midnight exploits of his Captain, Quincey Harker.
So, when Harker appears in England, Mary is determined to resist his sinister charm.  But Harker's gaze rests on other prey  a bride to restore Count Dracula'a bloodline.
As nightmare becomes reality, Mary soon discovers that the Dynasty of Dracula reaches further than she can possibly imagine.
A new seductive evil walks among the living...

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