Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Killerbyte by Cat Connor

Title: Killerbyte
Author: Cat Connor
Publisher: Rebel e Publishers
Published: April 2010 ebook/mobipocket/book
ISBN: 0981425690
Author's Website: http://catconnor.wordpress.com/

Rating 5/5 with merits

The jacket on this gives you a good idea of what to expect...however what it can't do is tell you how addictively good it is!!  I thoroughly enjoyed this humorously captivating story, from start to finish. Ellie Conway, the bold as brass, butt kicking main character starts the story in her own unique way.  I have no doubts as to why she's a Sagittarius (yep, I'm one too!).  Her smart-arse comments and choice words are splattered throughout the book, making her character very refreshing and lively, and Mac is just as good and knows how to have fun.

Killerbyte is chillingly suspenseful with a very convincing storyline...at points I didn't know whether to hide behind the sofa or close my eyes...but I couldn't stop reading.  The characters' lives are turned upside down as the killing spree escalates...this book is packed with action, and full on with unexpected and shocking twists to the plot.  I also enjoyed mention of some retro shows, such as A Team and Starsky and Hutch. I thought the end a very good one, leaving the reader on a high note.

If, like me, you enjoy suspense, FBI thrillers and shows such as CSI or Dexter, then you really can't miss this book (or ebook).  Killerbyte is the beginning the Ellie Conway series.  There is also Terrorbyte and Exacerbyte, due out March 2011.  Can't wait!!!!

Source: Author.

Book Synopsis from Amazon:
"Ellie Conway is an FBI agent who works serial crime cases. As a hobby, she runs an internet poetry chat room. When someone tries to kill her, it soon becomes obvious it's linked to her after-hours pursuits on cyberspace. Matters become complicated when her assailant turns up dead in the trunk of her car. As the chat room's patrons starts dropping like flies, she realizes there is something far deeper going on than first thought. Despite an abundance of crime scenes, no evidence can be found to identify a motive or perpetrator. The death toll rises and eventually includes her best friend and her own mother, before a chance remark from twelve years prior surfaces to provide the first real clue, which unravels the killer's twisted goals."


Chrissie said...

Ooh, this one sounds really good! I think I'll have to try and get my hands on a copy of it! Great review :)

Julie said...

This book definitely sounds very suspenseful and I'm intrigued by the idea that it is humorously captivating as well! This is one I'll have to put on my TBR list and check it out! Great review!

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

this sounds awesome!! I'll def add it to mu wishlist!! =D

bookaddict4real said...

This definitely sounds like my kinda book. I found you through the Radiant Reviews glad I stopped by I am one of your new folllowers

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