Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Calling all UK Book Bloggers

Just a shout out really.  I know I'm fairly new on the blogging scene....but I haven't come across many other UK Book Bloggers/Reviewers.  I'm wondering where you all hang out, and where your blogs are....and would love those that wish to, to add their blog details onto the comment after this, it would be great to follow more UK blogs.

I've also noticed there's a lack of UK Book Tours (and Blog Hops?) as well...I've just stumbled across my first one, but I'm not eligible for it as this hasn't been in operation long enough....Anyone know of any others please? There's oodles of US/Can only ones and it's frustrating when you're a bookworm and watch from afar. 

Anyways...hope to hear from any UK book bloggers :)  Please feel free to tweet and follow me there as well. @cloverhillrevie


Sarah said...

Hi Michelle, it's always great to meet new UK Bloggers :o) We tend to chat a lot on Twitter which is fun (I'm @sarahsreviews) but I think we're already following each other on there. The UK blogging community is very friendly & I've made some amazing new friends thanks to my blog. I have a few UK bloggers that I've met listed on my sidebar but Becky has an amazing list of UK bloggers on here blog http://www.thebookette.co.uk/

Have a look through her list & go around to some of the blogs to introduce yourself & I'm sure you'll find everyone is very welcoming :o) We have arranged a blogger meet up in London before & I know a couple of us talked about doing it again - we had a lot of fun at the last one. If you're near enough to London to come to an event that is a great way to meet people.

Nayuleska said...

Hi! Im a UK book blogger. I review a wide range of genres, with emphasis on Children's and Young Adult. You can find me on Nayu's Reading Corner, link should be in my profile. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

Cem said...

Hey :)

I'm a UK Book blogger, my site is: http://cemsbookhideout.blogspot.com

Now following you here and on twitter (cem_214)

Always nice to have more UK bloggers around!


Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

Thanks :) I'm wading through Bookette's blog list and am now following Cem and Nayuleska, Sarah I'm already following. Great to meet more UK bloggers :)

Kulsuma said...

As Nayu said, The Bookette has a great list of UK Bloggers!:)

Book Tours:

Sam said...

I'm in the UK too. I'm going to look through all the links in the comments above and introduce myself to some new people :)

Becky said...

Michelle, I have been meaning to drop by this post for quite a while. I saw that Sarah tweeted it. I've had so much going on with work that I have barely been able to check my own blog. Anyway, I am hear now and I wanted to say welcome to the UK blogosphere. As Sarah said, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. If you have a crisis (like I did this week), then there are always fellow bloggers willing to help you out.

I look forward to reading your reviews in the coming weeks and please just shout out if you have a question.

I'm going to add you to my list of UK bloggers. When you have a few minutes, tweet (@the_bookette) me a line about your blog and then hopefully more people will find you.

Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

Hi Kalsuma, thanks for the links. Sam, nice to see you here, I'm a gfc of your blog already :)

Thanks Becky, that's really kind of you..tweeting shortly :)