Monday, 8 November 2010

Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton

Title: Tyger Tyger
Author: Kersten Hamilton
Publisher: Clarion Books
Published: 15 Nov 2010
ISBN-10: 0547330081
Author's Website:

Rating 5/5

The jacket on this is really eye catching, I love the different hues of colour on it, it captures the essence of the book.  The storyline captivated me from the outset, being both enticing and unusual.  The book is written testimony to how much research must have gone into Irish folk lore for the story to work so well, which the Author's Note at the back also expands on. It's cute and humorous in the right places, the characters, which are fantastically colourful, grow as the story progresses.

I found Tyger Tyger to be  page turningly good, both thrilling and suspenseful, with painful and emotional twists for the characters.  I found the ending to be slightly odd, otherwise I would have rated it higher (5/5 with merits), as I love the rest of the book, my favourite character has to be Finn's grandmother... my eyes were glued to each page in fascination.

Author synopsis:
Lock the windows and doors.
Turn on every light.
And pray.
Because the goblins are coming.

Source: Kind thanks to the publishers via Netgalley

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I have this book. I plan on reading it next week, but I may need to read it now!