Monday, 13 December 2010

Blood Lust by Zoe Winters

Title: Blood Lust
Author: Zoe Winters
Publisher: IncuBooks
Published: August 2010 (ebook format)
ASIN: :B004183MZM
Author's website: 

Rating 5/5

The cover on this is seductive, giving you a sample of what to expect.  What the cover can't tell you is the myriad of characters it contains. Blood Lust is three novellas combined, comprising of Kept, Claimed and Mated.  All three novellas flow together really well and the set of stories entwine with each other.  

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the characters and all their guises.  There's a healthy mix - werecat (cat therian), were, vamp, sorcerer and some humans.  I love the storyline which seamlessly melded fantasy and everyday life.  The stories are humorously told in places, with tangeable emotions from the characters.

There are some really well done hot sex scenes in this -not overly explicit- the expectation of this is built up through the book and in each of the novellas.  I like the explanation of why vampires don't have mirrors, this is without a doubt the best explanation I've read to date, it actually makes sense, and adds another element to vampires that doesn't appear anywhere else I've seen.

Blood Lust overall has similar themes in each of the three parts.  A human runs from something (or someone) and meets their proverbial knight in shining armor....then has to trust in that person, whilst going against everything they thought they knew. My favorite out of the three is Claimed, which has vampire characters and humans as the main storyline, alongside characters from Kept.  It's not an easy choice to make though, as they're all really addictive and I couldn't put them down once I'd started.  I'm looking forward to reading Save My Soul...hope the wait won't be too much longer!

Book Synopsis:
This is an anthology collection of three previously published novellas: Kept, Claimed, and Mated.

It’s all about the blood...

Comprised of three novellas, Blood Lust gives readers a snapshot look at the world of the Preternaturals Series. (Future installments of the series will be novels.)

As a cat therian (shifter), Greta's blood is already sought after to enhance spells and potions, but due to a quirk of her birth, her blood is potent enough to kill for. When her tribe plans to sacrifice her, Greta must ally herself with Dayne, the dangerous local sorcerer, and the only person strong enough to protect her.

For a vampire, Anthony isn't a picky eater, but he's drawn to Charlee's blood more than any other. Like a fine wine saved for a special occasion, he's denied himself this pleasure. But one night, high from the potent magical blood of another, he claims his prize and loses control. Ashamed of almost killing the one woman who means anything to him, he wipes her memory of the event. When Charlee awakens with complete amnesia, Anthony is the only one who can clean up the mess he's made.

Because of the vampiric blood that has run through her veins since birth, Jane has been a target for vampires who resent a human being "kindred." She's forced to disguise herself as a vampire groupie to appease them and safeguard her life. When she's abruptly given to Cole, the leader of the werewolf pack, to satisfy a gambling debt, she discovers the blood running through her veins has a far greater impact on her destiny than she ever imagined.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely review! I'm hoping to release Save My Soul in January. :)

I'm glad Claimed was your favorite because it's most people's least fave, lol. So I love it when someone loves Anthony. :)

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