Friday, 4 February 2011

Book Blogger Hop #8 & Follow Friday

Book Blogger Hop

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This week's question:
"What are you reading now and why are you reading it?"

I've just stopped a book half way through because it completely changed tone and I couldn't go any further with it, so I'm now about to start reading The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney, which I've really looked forward to.  This one of my pre-orders from Amazon.  I've seen some fabulous reviews for it, and the cover is luscious.

As a family we have other books we're reading also.  Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis is one we've been reading with our eldest since before Christmas.  With well over 300 pages it's the largest book we've attempted with him.  We're alternating pages - he reads a page, we read a page.  This seems to work well and the storyline has had him wanting to continue reading.  He's also reading Gladiator by Simon Scarrow by himself and occasionally dipping into Horrible History books, which he adores.

Our youngest has been reading some Ben Elf books with us, which he's thoroughly enjoying as he watches this on tv.

Hubby's currently reading Time Riders - The Doomsday Code by Alex Scarrow (yes, Simon Scarrow, author of Gladiators which our son is reading, is his brother).  This is one that's on my tbr pile which he's reading whilst I read others.  He's just ordered the first in the series so it looks like he'll be reading all of the series :)


pussreboots said...

I am reading four types of books. Come see what they are.

Alex said...

Michelle, thanks for mentioning the TimeRiders books....word-of-mouth is crucial for relatively unknown authors like myself. I hope you and your hubby...and perhaps your son too?....enjoy reading the series as much as I have been enjoying writing it!


Alex Scarrow

Elizabeth said...

Hopping by from the blog hop....

I have put down a few books. I usually try to trudge through them, but sometimes you just can't.

Have a fun hop.

Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books said...

I also got THE IRON WITCH this week and I'm excited to read it! I'll probably start it in the next week or so, it's tempting to rip it open now but unfortunately I've got others to finish off beforehand :( Happy Friday!

Here's my hop and weekly round-up!

Katie Edwards said...

Hi from the Hop. I'm reading two books: Middlemarch by George Eliot and Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I've been reading a few chapters of Middlemarch between lighter reads, and have nearly finished. I've been reading this for months now; it'll be weird when I reach the end.

Alison said...

Hopping through. I've heard of Horrible History. It sounds great. I can't wait to read Iron Witch.
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Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

Lovely to hear feedback from so many people this week.

Alex, you're most welcome. TimeRiders looks fascinating, especially if you enjoy time travel type books! I must admit you're the first Norwich author whose book I'm reading - we're also in Norwich :) I haven't come across any other local authors as yet...I'm sure they're out there somewhere!

I think Shaun will probably read it just takes him a lot longer to read the larger books as he's 8 - he's getting there though.

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of THE IRON WITCH. I'll have to see about putting it on my list.

Hopping by.

Howard Sherman said...

Good answer! The answer on my book blog is a little embarassing; it’s a book that’s been sitting on my TBR pile for a year.

To my shame, I only opened the book because I remember it contained an Amazon gift card.

All the sordid details on my book blog –

Hop on over!

Howard Sherman

flashlight_reader said...

I found you on the Fun Follow Friday blog hop. I'm new to book blogging... still trying to get followers for my own site. (At least people that I don't work with.)

What is the age group for the Horrible History group? Would they be of interest for an 8 year old boy?

Tevya said...

Nice blog. I love how you have included family reads. I'm a new follower. :)

Reading Lark's Blog Hop

Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

flashlight_reader Horrible Histories are very suitable for 8 year olds - that's the age of Shaun also. He's actually brought a couple home from school to read which he didn't have at home, so I think it's widely accepted that it's for their age range.

Beth said...

I found you on the blog hop and I'm a new follower.

Lu said...

Hopping by to say have a great weekend!

Already following :)