Thursday, 3 February 2011

Medikidz explain Brain Tumours by Dr K. Chilman-Blair

Title: What's up with Rachel? Medikidz explain Brain Tumors
Author: Dr Kim Chilman-Blair
Publisher: Medikidz
ISBN: 987 1906395092

Rating: 4/5

The cover on this is bright and eye catching, in keeping with the others we have reviewed so far.  The cover also doesn't scare, and is very open without using overbearing illustrations on what can be a sensitive subject.  

I was weary about this at first, as I personally don't know much about this type of cancer or brain tumours, although have had close relatives with cancer.  Cancer is a sensitive topic for many, myself included.

The beginning of the comic introduces readers to Rachel, who is playing baseball, and continues with some of her symptoms.  I have to admit that at this point it took me a bit of courage to read further, purely because we don't have anyone close to us with this condition, and brain tumours can sound scary.  However, Medikidz shows Rachel around Mediland, a planet in the shape of a human body, and shows readers what a brain tumour is in easy steps, and aims to deal with what can be a scary topic, and arm readers with well backed up peer reviewed information.  

The back of the cover has logos from Macmillan Cancer Support (to whom my family and I'm sure many others, owe our a debt of thanks to), the Meg Jones Brain Cancer Charity and the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

Personally I think anything that can help de-stigmatize cancer and raise a knowledgeable awareness of it is a good thing, and this comic helps do that.  I think as a base for children in need of information, this is a good resource to have at hand.  Shaun says that this comic is the best in the series that he's read so far - I think this is because one of his school friends was diagnosed with a tumour and his since been operated on - this has helped Shaun to understand exactly what has happened and why he and his classmates take the nurturing approach they do towards their classmate.

A review copy was loaned in return for an honest review.

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