Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Film - Chronicles of Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader

We're celebrating Norwich's Dragon Festival week by reviewing dragon goodies this week :)

I took the boys to see the Chronicles of Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader at the cinema.  We've loved all of the Chronicles so far in movie form, both the boys love watching the previous Chronicles repeatedly, so we had high expectations of this one.

Edward and Lucy are staying with their Aunt and Uncle as the war continues.  Eustace their pompous cousin, has no empathy for them at the beginning of the film, and doesn't buy into their tales of Narnia.

A picture of a Narnian type boat at sea is in Edward and Lucy's room, with a protesting Eustace in tow, they travel back to Narnia.  Eustace develops from an arrogant character to one filled with adventure and spirit when he gets a taste of his foolishness, and is magically turned into a dragon.  This was by far my favorite part of the film.  Eustace up until this point had been a thorn in the side of everyone, but now Eustace must accept what he is and he becomes the stuff of legends whilst helping his friends and cousins.

Ultimately their goal is to retrieve 7 magical swords which have to be placed on Aslan's table in order for a dark spirit/creature to cease to exist.  The action part at the end is quite scary for younger viewers....we went to a child's screening of it, and a fair few of the viewers could be heard shrieking and crying at the creature defeating scenes.  For us, our 4 year old refused to watch this part as it scared him too much, so I had mummy cuddles in the cinema whilst he buried himself in my hug.  Our 8 year old was peeking out behind his hands to watch the graphic parts.  They weren't overly violent by any means...but the creature that manifests is fairly scary, I must admit it made me grimace as I think it was too overdone.

Overall an enjoyable film.  In comparison to the others our boys delight in watching over and over again, I don't think this will fall into that category for them - the scenes defeating the creature are too scary, so this won't be one we'll be purchasing on dvd.

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