Monday, 28 March 2011

Blood Red Roses by Lin Anderson

Title: Blood Red Roses
Author: Lin Anderson
Publisher: Sandstone Press
Published: 2005
ISBN: 0954633350
Author's Website:
Rating: 4/5

The cover on this is fairly basic, but it gets the message across.  The story does evolve around forensic scientists and a rose is what breaks a murder case for them.

Blood Red Roses is a fast paced novella, containing less than 100 pages, but now I've read it it seems a lot bigger, as the author managed to get so much in the book within those pages.  Dr Rhona Macleod tries to strike a balance between her work as a forensic scientist and her small semblance of a love life.  The novella is chilling from the beginning, and had me guessing almost all the way to the end.  It is a satisfying and quick read covering murder, science and the world of lap dancing.  Donna has a secret life, but is carefree on her hen night.  A mistake which costs her her life.

Book synopsis:
A hen night in Glasgow leaves the bride-to-be dead on a toilet floor.  Her body is twisted, her face a mask of terror.  Who would kill a girl just before her wedding?  Dr Rhona MacLeod and her team are called in to find out.  As they go through the evidence, they find themselves in a world where sex is bought and sold, and more violent death is lying in wait.

Source - thanks to Sandstone Press as a review copy was received in exchange for an honest review.

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