Thursday, 10 March 2011

StoryWorld Faery Magic by John & Caitlin Matthews

Title: StoryWorld - Faery Magic
Author: John & Caitlin Matthews
Publisher: Templar Publishing
Published: July 09
ISBN: 978-1840117349
Author's website:

Rating 4/5

The cover on this box presentation is ornate and inviting.  StoryWorld offers users of this set 28 cards to help tell your own story, along with a storytelling book which gives insights into each card and how they could be used and interpreted.

The box itself is really sturdy - this would make a great gift for someone.  The cards are glossy and each one is ornate, coupled with in depth illustrations.  Our favorite and most used cards in this pack have been The Faery Shield and The Three Wishes.  The only card I admit to not liking is The Changeling card, which has an evil looking toddler in a high chair, this didn't bother the children though, just me.

This set is one that has been used repeatedly, along with the other sets from Templar.  The children enjoy using them as an aid to storytelling, and no two nights stories are ever the same now.  The cards offer a fantastic visual aid for children, as well as having a main focus on each card, there is also background illustrations to draw information from.  On the reverse of each card there are short questions which acts as prompts if you wish to use them.

Source: Kind thanks to Templar Publishing for allowing us to review these.

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