Monday, 2 May 2011

ARC review of Angel's Fury by Bryony Pearce

Title: Angel's Fury
Author: Bryony Pearce
Published: July 2011
Publisher: Egmont
ISBN: 978 1405251358

Author's website: Bryony Pearce

Rating: 4/5

The cover shown is unusual....the cover I have is not the same as I have the ARC, which is what this review is based on.

Angel's Fury is unlike any other book I've read to date.  The main character, Cassie Farrier has nightmares.  Nothing unusual about that you might think.  However....they are real, and her nightmares are visions of death, terror and mostly centred on a victim of the Holocaust, a little girl called Zillah.  Cassie comes to realize that her dreams are more than just dreams and in desperation her parents send her for treatment to rid her of her nightmares.  

Cassie is a lot more complex than she first appears, and as a teenager is coming to terms with trying to distance herself from others and also getting used to being labeled a freak.   When she goes to the manor she finds she is not alone, and then realisation hits home when a secret is uncovered and all hell breaks loose.I felt so sorry for Cassieas she relives horrific things whilst trying to maintain her grip on reality.

The characters are varied, with my favourite character being Seth, who is drawn to Cassie the first time they meet.
From the start, Angel's Fury is gut wrenching and feels so real, with a terrifying first chapter which drew me into what Cassie experienced in her nightmares.  Be prepared with tissues and the feel of your stomach in your mouth as the roller coaster of an emotional story takes you in its grip.  The story is gripping and intense, and evoked horror and fascination as the story unfolds.  Angel's Fury is unique and has a very satisfying outcome!  (Can't say more than'll ruin the story!)

Book synopsis:
Every atrocity. Every war. Every act of vengeance. One fallen angel walks the earth to bring mankind to its destruction...Turning love into hate, forgiveness into blame, hope into despair. Through the fires of hell he will come to haunt one girl's dreams. But what if everything she ever dreamed was true? Every time Cassie Smith tries to sleep, she is plagued by visions of a death: A little girl called Zillah. A victim of the holocaust. In desperation Cassie is sent for treatment in an old manor house. There she meets other children just like her. Including Seth...Seth who looks so familiar. Her dream becomes nightmare. And then reality.

Source - Thanks to Egmont for sending an ARC for review in return for an honest review.


Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

This one does sound interesting and probably something that I would like! :)

Thanks for the review, I haven't actually heard that much about this one.


Lynn said...

Thanks for that - it sounds really good. I'll look out for this one.

Becky said...

I have an ARC of this too. I think I'll really enjoy it. I like the fact that you say the character has a terrible emotional conflict. The premise is certainly intriguing.