Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Sweetest Thing by Cathy Woodman

Title: The Sweetest Thing
Author: Cathy Woodman
Publisher: Arrow Books
Published: April 2011
ISBN: 978 0099551638

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Rating 4/5

The cover on this tells you a lot about the storyline.  Jennie's husband leaves her for another woman, so she is forced to change her lifestyle.  She takes a leap and decides to buy a run down house in the countryside where she and her three children relocate to.

Jennie meets Guy...the man who tries to remain at a distance despite their obvious chemistry throughout the book.  Jennie has trouble adjusting but soon finds her niche within her new life.  The children cope differently, and the relationship between Jennie and her son is very raw and feels altogether very real.  Her ex-husband's manner is totally selfish and condescending - I really wanted to bop him one at points throughout the book!!  

My favourite character has got to be Guy, he's wonderful!  He certainly defies the country bumpkin image that Jennie originally saw him as...he's so sweet!  

Overall, this was a very easy read.  It nearly had me crying at the end - I really like the relationship that Guy and Adam form during the book.  This is a romance with gritty real life drama thrown into the mix, which made it a very convincing and enjoyable read.  I wish I could make cakes like Jennie!!

Source: Many thanks to Arrow, a copy was received for review.

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Vivienne said...

I have this one! I bought it because I wanted something with cakes in it! Is that shallow? I look forward to reading it.