Friday, 16 September 2011

Back of Beyond by C.J.Box

Title: Back Of Beyond
Author: C.J.Box
Publisher: Corvus Books
Published: 2 August 2011
ISBN: 978 184887 2981

Rating 5/5 with merits!

The cover on this is a lovely shade of green, portraying the mountains of Yellowstone as a backdrop. 

Meet Detective Cody Hoyt – a man with his own way of doing things…right or wrong…and it’s the wrong which lands him up in so much trouble to begin with.  He’s a struggling alcoholic, who makes some really bad and good judgement calls, although not necessarily in that order!  I enjoyed the way his story and thought processes unfolded, and how he worked with the only friend he considers he has left…as the other one is his AA sponsor…who just ended up dead.  Cody feels there’s more to it than first impressions, and his gut instinct takes him on a dangerous route to the wilderness of Yellowstone Park, where he finds himself not only in pursuit of his son, but also a cold blooded killer, whos reasons for killing are still yet to be determined.

The backdrop is really good, with enough suspense to keep me guessing and trying to find motive in everyone’s actions.  I love this book!!!  This is the first C.J.Box book I’ve read, and although I did guess a few of the quirks, the misdirections in this are brilliantly done and I didn’t get the ‘who dunnit’ until just before the showdown scene. This won’t be the last C.J.Box book I read, as he's just jumped on my 'must read' authors list.

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Book synopsis:
Twilight falls on a cold, wet spring day in the mountains of Montana. A cabin smolders in the forest. In the remains of the kitchen, a table set for two; next door, the remains of a single body.

Alerted by hikers, Detective Cody Hoyt is called to the scene. While a brilliant cop, Cody is also an alcoholic struggling with two months of sobriety and it doesn't help that the body in the cabin is his AA sponsor Hank Winters. It looks like the suicide of a man who's fallen off the wagon, but Cody knows Hank better than that. He's convinced its foul play.

But after years of bad behavior directly related to his drinking, Cody has few friends left in the department. And when he shoots and wounds the county coroner in a botched stakeout he is suspended from duty. But Hank was one of the few friends Cody had left and he's determined to find his killer, badge or no badge.

Who was at Hank's cabin? Data pulled from Hank's fire-damaged hard drive leads Cody to a website running wilderness adventures deep into the most remote parts of
Yellowstone National Park. Their big trip of the year has just left - a two-week horseback journey into the wild. The very same trip that Cody's estranged teenage son, Justin, has signed up for.

Cody has no choice but to trek deep into the wild himself in pursuit of his son and the truth about Hank. In America's greatest wilderness, Cody is on his own, he's out of time, he's in too deep, he's in the Back of Beyond.

Source - Many thanks to Corvus, a book was received in return for a honest review.

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