Friday, 6 April 2012

Power of Six Quest

To celebrate publication of The Power of Six paperback on 12th April, Puffin have created the fantastic THE POWER OF SIX QUEST!

Hosted via a Facebook app, The Power of Six Quest is a gameshow that draws on your knowledge of the books to help the Loriens fight against the Mogadorians and track down one of the characters in the book, Seven. The gameshow is hosted by Daniel Anthony, star of the hit BBC show The Sarah Jayne Adventures.

It’s fun, fast, frantic and points are awarded according to how quickly you answer and how accurate you are. Additional points can be won by recommending friends. And as ever… points mean PRIZES! Up for grabs are… a holiday to Spain for seven nights, an ipad, a kindle, special release hardbacks of Power of Six, advance special release hardbacks of Rise of Nine (published August) and DVDs of the film I am Number Four.

Click HERE to enter the quest…

Our review of The Power of Six is being posted this week - check back to see what we thought of it :))

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