Monday, 4 June 2012

Burn Mark by Laura Powell

Title: Burn Mark
Authors: Laura Powell
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Published: June 2012
ISBN: 978-1408815229

Rating: 2/5

This review is based on the ARC of Burn Mark. 

I was looking forward to reading this and so I’m sad to say I was disappointed as it didn’t meet my expectations.  Despite trying to restart the book several times, I found myself unable to continue reading as it wasn’t holding my interest and I didn’t feel there was enough of a plot to hold my attention...I personally didn't find the characters that intriguing.  I think I'll be in a very small minority though as I think the book idea is a good one and it is set to be a hit from everything I've read online about it.

Book synopsis:

Glory is from a family of witches and lives beyond the law. She is desperate to develop her powers and become a witch herself. Lucas is the son of the Chief Prosecutor for the Inquisition - the witches' mortal enemy - and his privileged life is very different to the forbidden world that he lives alongside. And then on the same day, it hits them both. Glory and Lucas develop the Fae - the mark of the witch. In one fell stroke, their lives are inextricably bound together, whether they like it or not ...

Source – Many thanks to Bloomsbury, a copy was received in return for an honest review.

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