Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ramshackle by Elizabeth Reeder

Title: Ramshackle
Author: Elizabeth Reeder
Publisher: Freight Books
Published: April 2012
ISBN: 978-0956613578

Rating: 4/5

The cover on this is reflective of the content of the book, as a rather bleak scene is overlooked by a lone teen. 

Roe is twice abandoned.  Her mother left her with her father when she was very young…and now Roe wakes up to find her father has abandoned her, with no reason or note to say why. 

I found this to be extremely poignant.  Roe has to cope with not only being a teen, which can be really tough going at times – but also with being abandoned yet again.  I got a real sense of who Roe is and her emotions.  The ending was completely unexpected and was a devastating blow to the gut.  It was also very sad when a property which had been left to Roes father got torn down, and Roe was powerless to stop it…it isn’t until after she finds out it could have been saved.

For a debut book, this is stunning.  It has a lot of emotional themes, with a very strong storyline and characters.  My favourite character is Roe.  She has to accept her life, and find a way to keep going regardless of the madness which is going on around her.  In many ways this forces her to grow up piece by piece. 

Book synopsis:
Roe is like any other fifteen year old suburban Chicago teenager. Her only worries are schoolwork, keeping up with her wayward best friend, and whether or not she should sleep with her boyfriend. Then her adoptive father, a locksmith, disappears one winter’s day without explanation.
As Roe tries to find out where he is and why he left, her past unravels, revealing secrets and lies that will change her future forever. This is a beautiful novel about abandonment, identity and self-discovery in the harshest of circumstances, set in suburban Chicago

 Source – Many thanks Freight Books, a copy was received in return for an honest review.

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Matthew (The Bibliofreak) said...

Sounds like the book cover really does say an awful lot in this case! Very bleak.

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