Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Review: Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Title: Pushing The Limits
Author: Katie McGarry
Publisher: MiraInk
Published: August 2012
978-1848450776 or Kindle
Rating: 5/ 5 with merits.

The cover on this is different; to me it feels very teenish, which encompasses the book really well.
Meet Echo and Noah, two teens with serious issues which they are trying to work out.  They think they have nothing in common - they are wrong.

Echo was in the in crowd before her sudden withdrawal from school, then the gossip began on her return and nothing has been the same since.  Echo's desire to please everyone is heart wrenching, especially given how she is treated in return.  I love her quick humour from the start.  Echo wants to remember the memories which she has blocked, can she do that without losing her mind?  Echo's father comes across caring more for Ashley (Echo's stepmum) than he does his own daughter.  I'm still gawping with the knowledge of exactly who Ashley is to Echo!  I think one of the most uncaring things her father said was "...this family does not expect 'above average' My daughter will excel"  There's so much to Echo's story, which unfolds piece by piece.  As a mother this broke my heart in places.  I really felt for the characters, whom I'd gotten to know so well.

Noah is a foster kid.  He's been in and out of homes, and has a bad boy reputation.  He's also extremely hot....if only I was younger (swoon!) He has a completely different set of problems.  He has to tow the line at school or risk losing what he cherishes most, and as a teenager it's not something you would expect.  He is hard working, even though he is misunderstood a lot.  His story is an eye opener on the fostering world and its pitfalls.  Some of his emotions during this really did pull at my heart strings.  The moment when he got dragged to the convention hall my heart stopped and I was an emotional wreck when I read why and what happened!

As soon as I started reading, I knew I wasn't going anywhere until I had finished it.  I adore both Noah and Echo, they are both extremely strong characters who have engrossing emotionally charged stories to tell.  Pushing the Limits will make you laugh, cry and remember what young love was like.  I was pleasantly surprised when I realised this is a debut book,  Katie McGarry has jumped onto my Top Author list without a hesitation.  I highly recommend reading this; I dare you not to become attached to the characters and the story!

Book synopsis:
They say be a good girl, get good grades, be popular. They know nothing about me. I can’t remember the night that changed my life. The night I went from popular to loner freak. And my family are determined to keep it that way. They said therapy was supposed to help. They didn’t expect Noah. Noah is the dangerous boy my parents warned me about. But the only one who’ll listen. The only one who’ll help me find the truth. I know every kiss, every promise, every touch is forbidden. But what if finding your destiny means breaking all the rules? A brave and powerful novel about loss, change and growing up, but most of all love.

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SUCH a good book! Glad you liked it :)