Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Land of Me released for Ipad

Back in March 2011, we did an overview of Land of Me, which has just been released as an app on the Ipad! 

If you’re looking for a fun, educational experience for your children then I’d recommend checking it out….yet again we’ve missed the boat on this one (last time our pc wasn’t up to spec…this time, we don’t have an Ipad)….BUT there’s good news ahead for those with Android goodies – next year Land of Me is aiming to be released into the Android market – gutted we can’t use it at the moment as our youngest needs something he can get his teeth into to encourage him to read and aid his confidence  :( the age guide range is 2-6 years old, so maybe next year when it comes out on Android our youngest will consider himself too old for it :( 

A quick recap on what Land of Me is:

With the ambition of creating the very best interactive early learning experience ever made, creators Made in Me spent well over a year and hundreds of thousands of pounds bringing The Land of Me to life. A team of illustrators, animators, designers, developers and educators were brought together dedicated to combining the very best of each discipline. This approach has seen The Land of Me win awards for design, technical innovation and educational effectiveness. From a Children’s BAFTA nomination, to honours at the prestigious Adobe MAX awards and accolades from educational publications and practitioners alike.

“Beautifully put together... very different from the usual type of button-bashing game. The Land of Me is enchanting and magical.” - BBC Click

An Unforgettable Early Learning Adventure
The Land of Me provides children with the opportunity to interact with a magical world full of charming characters. They’ll join Eric the raccoon, Buddy Boo the bear and
Willow the owl as they travel across The Land of Me together, singing songs, making things and telling stories. Children make choices by selecting symbols or by changing the words on screen. The result is a powerful and engaging way to immerse them in language and early literacy.

“Incredible... The Land of Me is essential for anyone interested in developing
children’s imagination, thinking and language.” - Early Years Educator (EYE) Magazine

Hollywood to Dr. Who
The Land of Me has captured the imagination of thousands of children, families and schools from all over the world. Whether it’s the unique hand-drawn style, the original musical score written and performed by Balmorhea, or the charming characters voiced by an incredible cast that combines talent from Hollywood to Dr. Who - Made in Me went to painstaking lengths to create a truly memorable educational experience for young children.

LONDON, UK - 06 December - Made in Me, the award-winning creative studio release three new apps from The Land of Me, their BAFTA nominated educational game for children aged 2-6. Available for iPad 2+ and priced at £1.99 each; Songs and Rhymes, Making Things and Story Time are the first in a series of The Land of Me apps to be released in the coming months.

“The Land of Me is a beautifully crafted interactive adventure that will delight children and adults alike.” - Michael Acton Smith, Creator of Moshi Monsters

The New Apps

The Land of Me - Songs and Rhymes

It’s time for a jolly good sing-along with Bernard the crocodile. Choose a song, style and tempo then conduct your very own animal band! Get the app -

The Land of Me - Making Things
Let your kids create their very own crazy buildings in this fun, physics fiesta! Ever wondered if a jelly castle will float? What happens if you build a paper palace on mud? Get the app -

The Land of Me - Story Time
Gather round children, it’s Story Time! What’s the story going to be about? Is it happy, sad or
funny? You decide. Get the app -

The Land of Me apps for iPad 2+ are priced at £1.99 each and are available from the iTunes App Store. For more information visit

About Made in Me
The Land of Me was created by Made in Me, the
London based studio making children’s games, apps, books and toys using only the finest of pixels. A family company in every sense, Made in Me was founded by brothers-in-law James Huggins and Mike Outlaw and the team is largely comprised of family members.

Made in Me’s other projects include the award-winning Me Books, an app that lets children create their own editions of popular picture books.

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