Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Review: Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic

Title: Resurrection Bay
Author: Emma Viskic
Publisher: Pushkin Press
Published: 24th August 2017
ISBN: 978-1782273622

Rating 3.5/5

This is a debut crime novel by an Australian author.

The main character is Caleb Zelic, his main characteristic is that he has hearing difficulties, which put an interesting dynamic on the story.  When Caleb's best friend is murdered and Caleb is literally left holding the body, Caleb starts his quest to find who killed his friend with the aid of his business partner, Frankie, together they run a security and investigative business.

I found this to be an easy to follow and quick read.  The story line doesn't give much away and the ending is not one I saw coming...the suspense was fairly well built throughout the book, but I felt it wasn't woven enough..  There weren't really that many suspects for Caleb's friends murder, but it still is a kick in the teeth when the sting in the tail comes (I really don't want to give the ending away...) For that reason alone I think its worth a read, and an author to keep tabs on.

Overall for a crime novel, it isn't that gritty or dark.  It does give you insight of the characters throughout the book but I didn't really feel characters had much substance.  I enjoyed the different stance on the sometimes seemingly shy and awkward investigator as Caleb tries to hide his disability which sometimes isn't helpful in finding the murderer.  

Book synopsis:
Caleb Zelic, profoundly deaf since early childhood, has always lived on the outside – watching, picking up telltale signs people hide in a smile, a cough, a kiss. When a childhood friend is murdered, a sense of guilt and a determination to prove his own innocence sends Caleb on a hunt for the killer. But he can’t do it alone. Caleb and his troubled friend Frankie, an ex-cop, start with one clue: Scott, the last word the murder victim texted to Caleb. But Scott is always one step ahead.

This gripping, original and fast-paced crime thriller is set between a big city and a small coastal town, Resurrection Bay, where Caleb is forced to confront painful memories. Caleb is a memorable protagonist who refuses to let his deafness limit his opportunities, or his participation in the investigation. But does his persistence border on stubbornness? And at what cost? As he delves deeper into the investigation Caleb uncovers unwelcome truths about his murdered friend – and himself.
Source - Many thanks to the publishers, a copy was received in return for an honest review


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